17 | SEP 2019
Results for Italy
27 MAR | 2014
Rome, the city that speaks through its walls (and that frequently says 'Totti')
The giallorosso captain is a true symbol. Graffiti and murals pay homage to him. And from time to time, they are victims of vandalism.
AS Roma, Rome, Italy.
22 MAR | 2014
Udinese, the first Italian club to adopt a fully organic diet
Following the slow-food movement, the bianconeri squad search fresh products from the Friuli region with no additives or preservants.
Udinese, Udine, Italy.
10 MAY | 2015
KOA Bosco, the team against all odds
The football side in Calabria that gave African refugees a chance
Øthers from Rosarno, Rosarno, Italy.