17 | SEP 2019
MUNDBØL merges two great passions: football and travel. It was necessary a thread to unite every single point on the map and give them sense. We believe MUNDBØL can be that thread.
Ten ways to understand MUNDBØL
The football world. MUNDBØL is, first and foremost, a publication to read about international football without borders. Yes, we want to dedicate the same space to the manager that has started a revolution in Europe and to the one that has just founded a tiny football school somewhere in Africa.

The world through football. In MUNDBØL, football also acts as a prism. Technology advances, sustainable development, cultural perspectives and political and financial scenarios are part of MUNDBØL’s pattern. Football is never dissociated from what happens in the planet. Understanding one usually implies to know the other.

A trip. We like to travel. And when we can’t do it, we like to embark on imaginary journeys. That’s why we want voices capable of telling what happens in different parts of the world, with the curious eyes of a tourist and the in-depth vision of a local citizen.

Slow football.The international football coverage is generally based on the latest news. From this platform, however, we invite you to make a pause and enjoy a good read. With our fine selection of articles from different parts of the world, we try to go beyond the logics of junk news and vertigo. You’ll find stories that otherwise would get lost under the dictatorship of the match results.

Authors. Our correspondents have the mission of captivating us with their views, essays and chronicles. Most of the articles published in MUNDBØL will be available for syndication. In the future we will be looking to expand our network with journalists from all around the world.

Football & fútbol. Many of the articles you’ll read were originally written in Spanish, but we didn’t want to restrict MUNDBØL to Spanish readers only, therefore we’ll be providing as many English contents as possible.

Quick navigation. It's very easy to navigate through MUNDBØL. Main sections are divided in letters. Each letter stands for a subject. Articles also have themed icons. You always have the chance of searching for people and places. Everything you need has to feel one click away.

Constructive philosophy. Our analyses bet on offering alternatives to adverse situations. We like to tell you about inspirational projects and people capable of making a change. Building is much more difficult than demolishing, so we’re interested in publishing stories that can tackle problems and spark new ideas.

Usability. We believe that well-written stories are the cornerstone of journalism. We will never get rid of a story for being too long. However, we also care about modern times so we want our website to have an attractive, minimalist and editorial design, with customisable options to make our readers enjoy the best interactive experience.

Own agenda. An injury? A dressing room fight? A press conference? If what you’re looking for is to know what happens every second, we respectfully invite you to navigate in news-oriented websites. But if you want to understand what is going on and what could happen in the future, maybe you’re in the right place.