17 | SEP 2019
Slow football doesn’t really have to be slow. With a quick interface, dual map navigation and a one-click search, MUNDBØL is capable of covering long distances at a high speed.
Our contents are part of sections easily identifiable by letters. We start from A-F and we hope to cover the full alphabet one day.

The search-engine allows you to look for people, places or keywords. All you need to do is start writing the desired term and see if there’s material available thanks to the instant search system.

Geolocation. Our Geo football map proposes a dual navigation style. The map is also available at the end of each article. In order to stay minimalist, we prefer you to search for other contents of your interest rather than suggesting you, in an annoying way, “the 100 related articles that you can’t avoid reading”.

You choose. In order to enhance the reading experience, we offer you the chance of : 1) switch the home page to the grid mode. 2) Change the map size. 3) Turn on/off the lights. 4) Watch photos in colour mode or black and white mode. 5) Switch the article’s main image from photo, map or video (if available).

Each article points a specific address on the map. And even if it doesn’t, we opt to give it coordinates anyway, in order to make a future search easier. Therefore, a piece about Guardiola’s legacy to German football will not be able to point to Germany in general (and won’t direct you to Pep’s house in Munich, either); it will show you the address of the club where he works, Bayern München.

Articles also have themed-icons to make the search easier and the website friendlier. No matter the letter they belong to, it’s possible to filter all travel journeys, unsung heroes, chronicles, etc.

Sustainable developtment. On top of black and white, our defining colour is green. We promote the green initiatives and energy saving concept from our eco switch that allow you to turn the lights off.

Travel guides. Some contents will be available for downloading in PDF versions and take them with you in your mobile or tablets as a quick guide for your next destination.

Flip View (under construction). Read MUNDBØL turning pages as a magazine or a book in your tablet.
Why the Ø?
You’ve already noticed. MUNDBØL is not MUNDBOL.
The Ø is a letter and vowel used in Norwegian, Danish, Faroese and Sami languages. As it’s usually pointed out in the Nordic countries, “it’s not an O with a slash, it’s an Ø!”.

In our logo, the letter Ø works as a reference to Scandinavia, a region that is famous for promoting green initiatives, minimalist design and constructive thinking that MUNDBØL hopes to emulate.
In Denmark, the letter Ø can also be translated as “island”. Fittingly, MUNDBØL has two allegorical head offices located in uninhabited islands, BjØrnØya in the North Atlantic, and Bouvet in the South Atlantic, from where it monitors the football world and the world from football.

The Ø also allows us to draw points of contact that relate football to other topics of interest, against those who see the sport as a hermetically sealed, independent area.

Lastly, we chose the letter Ø because we loved it. We couldn’t think MUNDBØL without it. And we know that every time you’ll see an ø, you’ll think of MUNDBØL.

If you want to write it, you can do it by holding down the ALT key while typing 0216 (Ø) or ALT 0248 (ø)