21 | JUL 2019
Results for Focus
28 SEP | 2015
Johan Cruyff in first person: revolution, rebelliousness, football and pigs
The Dutch legend on his career as a footballer and manager and some of the most controversial decisions he's taken.
Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
23 FEB | 2015
Football, a pause in the middle of the Ukrainian civil war
After the ceasefire, one of the first activities of the soldiers was to play football.
Øthers from Debaltseve, Debaltseve, Ukraine.
16 MAR | 2014
Playing football in Iraq is first and foremost a matter of imagination
Another inspiring picture from Riccardo Romani, right next to the Tigris River, proves that it's not necessary to have a state-of-the-art stadium to feel like a world champion.
Øthers from Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.
15 MAR | 2014
In the heart of Damascus, football can still open doors and offer some hope
Even after 3 years of the worst conflict in the history of Syria, there's always time for playing football, as Riccardo Romani finds out.
Øthers from Damascus, Damascus, Syria.