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23 FEB | 2015
Øthers from Debaltseve, Debaltseve, Ukraine
Football, a pause in the middle of the Ukrainian civil war
After the ceasefire, one of the first activities of the soldiers was to play football.

hen you live among wolves, then you should act like a wolf ", once said Nikita Krushchev. The problem is when they all act like wolves and nobody thinks like a human being. That's exactly what has been going on Debaltseve, Ukraine (or what left of it). At the gates of Donetsk, one of the bloodiest battles of the conflict took place. Among a separatist militia, a national army, and continued allegations of Russian government supporting the rebels, the result was a slaughter that even the peace agreement signed in Minsk couldn't prevent from happening. Hours after the ceasefire agreed between [...]

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[...] president Petro Poroshenko and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, with the assistance of Germany (Chancellor Merkel ) and France (the president Hollande), soldiers enjoyed a moment for entertainment. A very brief moment.

With tanks on the side of this route of Debaltseve (a major railway hub, 60km west of Donetsk), soldiers kicked a ball despite the -10 Celsius degrees averaged on February 15th. In the rest of the world Valentine's Day was taking place. Not here. 

Ucrania, tanque y soldado

At first, it was said that the problem was only Crimea. Riccardo Romani, exclusively for MUNDBØL from Crimea, had anticipated that this prediction was far from being correct. Then the revolution in Kiev took place. Later, the uprisings in other parts of eastern Ukraine. Today, a year after the outbreak of the conflict, Ukraine is already a part of what it was. And their borders, as its future, are still vague and changing.

The Ukrainian League was suspended on November 30 and never started again. Dynamo Kiev had 36 points and had taken a 5-point lead ahead of Shakhtar Donetsk. Today, three months later, a match between the two would be an extension of war. Kiev and Donetsk now belong to different countries. One is Ukraine, the other does not have denomination or political sign, but it does have rivers of blood because of the many wolves. Wolves that are luring on the loose, by nature or because they follow the advice of Krushchev. But loose at last. [Ø]

Martín Mazur